Contraceptive Efficacy Rates for Cervical Barriers and Other Barrier Methods
% of women experiencing an unintended pregnancy within the first year or first 6 months of use

Method Perfect Use Typical Use Typical Use (6 months)
Cervical barriers (used with spermicide)
diaphragm 6% 16%  
cervical cap  
  nulliparous women 9% 16%  
  parous women 26% 32%  
Lea's shield 15% 8.7%
FemCap 22% 13.5%
Other barrier methods  
male condom 2% 15%  
female condom 5% 21%  
  nulliparous women 9% 16%  
  parous women 20% 32%  
spermicide 18% 29% 10-16%


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